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Do you treat military/veterans with PTSD?

First, know that I appreciate your service to our country. Yes, I have extensive experience working with military members who experience post-traumic stress disorder. I use Cognitive Processing Therapy as an approach to help clients overcome the effects of trauma they have experienced.

What is Cognitive Processing Therapy?

Cognitive processing therapy (CPT) is a treatment involving 3 phases.
In phase 1, the client is educated PTSD, thoughts, and emotions.
In phase 2, the client is assisted in formally processing the trauma through writing and talking.
In phase 3, the skills the client has learned during counseling are reinforced so the client can continue to develop and apply them once the treatment program is completed.

Can a therapist really help me?

Yes, and no. A therapist can only help if the client wants to be helped. A therapist helps educate the client and provides tools the client must develop and use on their own. Just like when a patient goes to a medical doctor, if the patient refuses to follow the “doctor’s orders”, they may not recover from their illness.

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