Intensive Sessions – Authentic, Present & Aligned

Sometimes we unconsciously get stuck in reactions or outcomes that are not quite what we want. These repetitive and unproductive patterns come from generational family dynamics or innate protective mechanisms that were beneficial at some point.

We guide you back to your inner resources to create the insight and healing you need to allow for the space to interrupt the unhealthy cycle. Find the path that aligns with you once the baggage is clear!

You deserve a trusting and healing space!

Stephanie cares and has so much passion for your work. She primarily focuses on longer and more intensive sessions (called Intensive Sessions). But if you need longer to focus, she also offers Breakthrough Sessions.

WHAT IS AN INTENSIVE SESSION? You choose one issue.
Although Stephanie does not like to put a time constraint on intensive sessions- this is the most common question. They typically last 90 minutes and include another hour follow-up on this same issue.

Experience an INTENSIVE change in your life!

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