Supervisor Services

Obtaining your degree is the first step in becoming a counselor. For counselors entering the field, Stephanie offers a supervisory program to help you find yourself in your own practice. Obtaining 3000 hours may seem like a giant hurdle, but she is here to help you confidently achieve that milestone. She likes to have fun but also bring out deeper issues that naturally arise when working with others. She utilizes a dyadic approach that consists of group and individual supervision.

Stephanie is a Board Approved Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor in the State of Texas. She has a private practice in Round Rock, Texas.

During your supervisory period, we will cover:

  1. Process skills: covering counseling techniques
  2. Personalization: those aspects of your experience that relate to you as a person, such as transference and countertransference
  3. Conceptualization: focuses on how you think about, plan for, and analyze your cases
  4. Administration: all other aspects of counseling such as case notes, ethics, licensure, and business practices.

Stephanie provides a supportive, reliable and open connection with her associates. She values your individual style and experiences that you bring into the practice. Her fee is $400 per month.

I provide a supportive, reliable and open connection with my associates.
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