Cognitive Processing Therapy

I am trained and experienced in the use of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). CPT is a short-term treatment used to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma incidents. In fact, because of its effectiveness, the Veterans Administration uses CPT to treat PTSD among veterans stating, “CPT has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for PTSD.” CPT is based on the principles of Cognitive Therapy and is a structured and sequenced approach that may work in a little as 12 sessions, but may require more based on the client’s needs. Most clients find it “empowering” and “freeing”. I receive overwhelming feedback about the effectiveness of having homework and a structured processes that is being followed.

The sessions address the following issues:

  • Educating clients about PTSD and explaining the nature of their symptoms
  • Helping clients explore how traumatic events have affected their lives
  • Learning about connections between trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Remembering the traumatic event and experiencing the emotions associated with it
  • Increasing clients’ ability to challenge maladaptive thoughts about the trauma
  • Helping patients increase their understanding of unhelpful thinking patterns and learn new, healthier ways of thinking
  • Facilitating clients’ exploration of how each of the 5 core themes: Safety Trust, Power and Control, Self-Esteem, and Intimacy have been affected by their traumatic experiences

Contact me with any questions about the CPT process or PTSD. I would be happy to provide any details you may need in your decision to obtain treatment.

<blockquote>Cognitive Processing Therapy is a leading therapy for recovery from trauma and PTSD</blockquote>
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