Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse is a destructive problem by itself that can ruin the lives of the abuser and those around them. However, substance abuse is frequently the symptom of a much deeper psychological problem. Overcoming the addiction may be only one step in the process to total recovery. It may require treating the reasons the abuse started in the first place, in order to resolve the underlying reason(s) contributing to the addiction and reduce the risk of relapse.

That is why therapy must be an integrated aspect of the recovery process. As a trained substance abuse counselor, I will help you in overcoming your addiction to resolve not just the physical addiction, but the emotional/psychological addiction as well. We will also attempt to find the reason(s) for the addiction and address those as well. My goal is healing of the addiction physically, emotionally and socially so that you are able to function without a destructive “crutch” of substance abuse.

Often times we use substances or some other destructive behavior to avoid unpleasant feelings and thoughts. I will help guide you in developing new insight and awareness to creating the clarity you need.

<blockquote>Learn to control that which controls you</blockquote>
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