Traumatic Events Counseling

As it relates to mental health, trauma results from a stressful event that is so great the individual is unable to cope. While it can involve physical situations where a person’s survival or security is threatened, it can also involve mental situations where a person’s identity is threatened.

Trauma-related stress issues can be caused by either a man-made event (war, sexual abuse, child abuse, assault, mental abuse, an accident, etc.) or a natural occurrence (a natural disaster, animal attack, etc.). Such situations affect each person differently, therefore, it is important that therapy be tailored to each individual’s need.

Whether you are suffering from job-related PTSD, were sexually abused, or experienced trauma of a different nature I can help you heal from the event(s) you experienced. Together we can help you return towards the path of a normal life without constant fear or apprehension about what has happened or might happen.

Together we can help you build a more desirable life without traumatic stress!

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<blockquote>PTSD is a disorder that develops in some people who have seen or lived through a shocking, scary, or dangerous event.</blockquote>
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